My love of writing can be traced back to the diary with the rose-print cover my grandparents gave me on my sixth birthday. I still have it.

I was born in New York City and raised in St. Paul, and feel equally at home amidst a jumble of skyscrapers or a chain of lakes. After earning a journalism degree at UW-Madison, I headed back East to start my climb up the magazine career ladder. My first job was as an editorial assistant at the venerable old Life magazine—I shared the news with my parents from a pay phone outside the Time-Life building. Several years later, as a senior editor at Martha Stewart Living, I soaked in the finer points of feather beds, faux bois, and the visual beauty that goes into producing and shaping a fine magazine story. 

Eventually, my husband and I migrated back to Minneapolis to be near family and to start one of our own. It is here that I've carved out a career as a lifestyle writer while raising three young daughters and discovering the Twin Cities anew.

I've written on a variety of topics including design, food, fashion, travel, etiquette, and parenting for The New York Times, Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Town + Country, Matchbook, Cookie, and Good Housekeeping, among others. In addition, I work as a creative content strategist—recent clients include Tastemaker, a new San Francisco design start-up, and Target, our city's homegrown retail giant. 

As a regular contributor to Momfilter, Mpls. St. Paul, and Better Homes and Gardens, I'm always on the hunt for intriguing people, places, and homes. And whether I'm out scouting a space or listening to someone's story, I learned a long time ago never to leave home without a notepad and a pen. 

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